Buried treasure.

We think it’s a perfect time to look at paintings by Scott Johnson.

From top to bottom:

South Pacific
Terror Forming
Last Dance

All paintings are oil on linen mounted on wood, measuring 12″ x 12″ with the exception of Last Dance – which is 30″ x 32″ – and were painted in 2009.

Let’s just think about all this oil, about what’s happening and what this will really, truly, do to our world. It’s not just a “large group of carbons where they shouldn’t be,” as some people in some mindsets would have us think; and why is that something we would dismiss as no big deal, anyway? Carbons. One of the (what, three?) essential elements that we’re made of? Why is that what we’re willing to accept as the reasoning to not worry about it? A large group of carbons where they shouldn’t be… That is exactly what we’re concerned about. What’s a nuclear explosion? Oh, don’t worry about it. Just a large group of really little hot things.

Please note that these images can be clicked multiple times to zoom closer. And they are all totally worth your extra clicking.

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