Mystifying! Fantastic! Stupefying! Majestic!

From the Wholphin YouTube channel, Baby Squid, Born Like Stars :

And from Bob Sabiston of Flat Black Films, Grasshopper :


Raising the bar.

“You can’t run a democracy with a citizenry that really doesn’t know how to make valid decisions. Most people don’t know what decision theory is, they don’t know what maximization of utility is. We live in a highly complex technological world and it’s not entirely obvious what is right and wrong in any given situation unless you can parse the situation, deconstruct it. People just don’t have the insight to do that very effectively. We have to have an educated and intelligent citizenry, which I regret to say we don’t necessarily have at the present time.”

– Christopher Langan, bouncer/ smart guy, from the Errol Morris series First Person, 2000