You are here. Somewhere.

The three dimensional projection above is made of actual photos of mapped galaxies and quasars as they appear in space in relation to one another, 180 million unique objects in a footprint area of 6,670 square degrees, just a small sliver of what’s out there.

Professor of physics Joel Primack and author/Fulbright scholar Nancy Ellen Abrams are using such information to inform their approach to scientific cosmology, and they may be leading a revolution in regards to where we are and how we fit into this vastness.

We live in a time when it’s easy to become overwhelmed, to feel hopeless and lost. Global crises abound: climate, economy, humanitarian. (Did you know that more humans are enslaved right now than at any other time in history? We didn’t either.)

But we’re also living in a time of great hopefulness and infinite possibility. We thought that this was a beautiful illustration of how very, very small we are, yet at the same time how we are a part of something so grand and so filled with wonder.